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For Sale : Benefits Melia Propolis (original)

Benefits Melia Propolis (original)

Benefits Melia Propolis has been greatly felt by millions of people in Indonesia. Melia Propolis has been shown to help cure a variety of illnesses, from mild to severe, especially diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and function.


Here are some benefits Melia Propolis is what you get:

· Natural Antibiotics (for antibodies naturally without side effects).

· Antioxidant (anti-cancer).

· Detoxification (to get rid of toxins in the body).

· Boost immunity / immunity.

· Nutrients are very high.

· Contains all vitamins except vitamin K (one drop of propolis together with 500 oranges).


· Contains 16 kinds of amino acids and minerals needed by the human body.

· Help to cure various diseases, especially diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and function.


Here are some diseases that can be cured by the merits of taking Melia Propolis:

1. Disease

· Uric acid

· Asthma

· Dry cough and cough with phlegm

· bronchitis

· sinusitis

· influenza

· Fever and dengue

· typhus

· Headache or migraine

· Tooth ache

· Swollen gums

· Sprue

· Sore throat

· Cancer and Tumor

· Various heart diseases

· Kidney

· Urinary Stone

· Heart / liver

· Diabetes diabetes wet and dry

· Hepatitis


· lupus

· stroke

· vertigo

· Hemorrhoid

· High blood pressure and low blood

· rheumatism

· Indigestion / Maag

· etc

2. External Disease

· Wound sharps

· Burns

· Wound flush hot water or mercury

· Wound swelling

· Wound diabetes

· dermatitis

· Allergy

· Earache

· pimple

· boil

· Feminine infections and vaginal discharge

· herpes

· Urticaria

· Water fleas

· Disease tinea versicolor, ringworm and scabies

· Cataract

· Dandruff

· Body odor

· and many more

So many diseases that are curable by Melia Propolis . It is remarkable small products derived from bee saliva contains a drug for humans.


Because of the more famous Benefits Melia Propolis in Indonesian society, many Propolis popping up in the market with various brands and packaging, even many Melia Propolis Counterfeit products are also on the market. For that, I suggest you use the product Melia First Propolis which will produce real benefits.

Many people who do not feel the healing effects after taking Propolis. There are several reasons for not heal diseases:

Perhaps he consumed not Propolis Melia Propolis or may Melia Propolis Fake (harmful to health not heal).


Consuming Propolis with a slight trickle of severe disease. Example: diabetes, you drip 3-7 drops it will not kerasa detoxification process. But if you consume Melia Propolis 20-30 drops per 3 hours for Diabetes (dry or wet), I’m sure rapid detoxification reaction, so that the healing process will be faster.

The sick rather impatient when again the treatment process. Tasks family treat that should give encouragement and confidence that made him consistently taking Propolis with appropriate dose with the disease.


When the detoxification process occurs, the patient was shocked and did not want to consume more propolis. Though detoxification is a positive indication that propolis is currently working out the toxins in his body. Should the patient and family happy and continue to do, and I’m sure a full recovery when he had passed through the detoxification process through to completion.

Indications Positive / detoxification process when consuming Melia propolis

Note : ( Depending on weight and mild disease )

Benefits and How to Use Products :

Herbal Melia Propolis can be used either topically or taken. This is all the benefits that you can get from Propolis:

· Boost immunity and maintain body condition in the middle of the job, pollution, bad weather and so on.


· A source of antioxidants and bioflavonoids are very high, so it helps neutralize the bad effects of free radicals from pollution, unhealthy food and stress.

· Helps reduce infection and inflammation, which to relieve symptoms such as canker sores, sore throat, inflammation of the skin, inflammation of the stomach and so forth.


· Encourages cell regeneration making it suitable for healing skin disorders or injuries (wounds so quickly dried and closed).

· Sources of nutrients the body needs, such as vitamins (except vitamin K), equivalent to 500 fresh citrus bioflavonoids, amino acids and minerals except sulfur. The content of these nutrients can all be obtained from drinking a few drops every day.


You can get all these benefits either by drinking or smeared. Here are some ways to use Herbal Propolis Melia to maintain health as well as healing:

· As a health supplement: Propolis dissolve 5 drops into a glass of water (about 300-500 ml), mix well and drink immediately. May be mixed with a spoonful of honey and using a plastic spoon. Drink three times a day.


· As a means of speeding up the healing of disease: dissolve 7-10 drops of propolis in a glass of water by the same amount, stir and drink immediately. Do it 4 times a day, but give pause 1 hour if taking medication from a doctor.

· As a means of speeding up the healing of wounds: Propolis is applied to the wound that had been cleaned, using cotton ear or leveled with a clean finger after the shed. Do regularly 2-3 times a day (eg after bathing or before going to bed). The wound will quickly dry up and close.


· As a means of healing of canker sores: Propolis directly applied to the wound with cotton ear canker sores clean. It would be a little painful, but canker sores heal faster.

Herbal Melia Propolis can be consumed ready only; ranging from children to senior citizens. There are no restrictions on taking this product for pregnant and nursing mothers, or women who are menstruating, so it can be used as a means to maintain health for anyone.


Herbal Melia Propolis: Keep Healthy Anywhere

Propolis is a practical supplement product for maintaining health and body issues both inside and outside, making it suitable to be a friend on a long journey or a work trip. Propolis bottle in the bag is a loyal friend that you can take anywhere to maintain health and relieve symptoms of disease and heal wounds. Propolis should also be prepared in family medicine box or in your bag every day to maintain health.


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