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For Sale : Melia Biyang Spray (ORIGINAL)

Melia Biyang Spray (ORIGINAL)

Melia Biyang Spray is a natural herb that is highly efficacious to stimulate the pituitary gland (pituitary) section between the cerebellum and the big man to produce Human Growth Hormone (Human Growth Hormone - HGH) optimally and help meregerasi cells of the human body are damaged to be repaired natural and maintain the immune system so that it looks more youthful.


Research by Dr. Daniel Rudman

The use of HGH regularly for 6 months will menuda human aging process for more than 20 years


Consuming Melia Biyang Spray for 6 months in a row you can delay aging for more than 20 years

Stages Reaction Using Melia Biyang Spray :

· First month : You will be easy to sleep and sleep so that when you wake up more refreshed and power fast recovery.


· Second month : All the fat in your body will be reduced along with the digestive system would be better. Sexual activity will improve and increase.

· Third month : Memory, the better / sharper, faster healing of disease, launched menstruation, reduce vaginal discharge, begin no hair growth.


· Fourth Month: regerasi all body cells and metabolism will be even better.

· Fifth Month : Blood pressure and cholesterol in the body will decrease, the skin will be more elastic, toned, and clean.


· Sixth Month : Pertubuhan be increased and reduced hair gray. Fuller muscles and increase overall power.

The content Melia Biyang is :

· Colostrum (the first milk cow)

· Amino acid

· Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 (Vitamin B Complex)

· Calcium

How to Use Melia Biyang Spray

There are two ways to use Melia Biyang for producing you look younger, beautiful and handsome.


1. Spray Melia Biyang Spray DOWN TONGUE night before bed and in the morning after waking up 3 to 10x spray.

Sprayed Melia Biyang benefits to the Lower Tongue

· Drugs Aging.

· Sharpen memory.

· Increases physical stamina.

· Increase sex drive and durable.

· Makes you active, energetic and passionate.

· Relieve cape.

· Reduce stress.

· Help speed up the healing process.

· Help cure stroke and high blood pressure.

· Fixing system metabolism.

· Strengthen bones and joints.

· Helping the process of hair growth and prevent hair loss.

· Meregerasi all the important organs such as the heart, brain, pancreas, liver, kidney and spleen.


2. Spray Melia Biyang Spray to the outside of the human body 3 to 10x spray all the time and want to rest

Melia Biyang benefits sprayed to the outside of the human body :

· Issued and treat acne .

· Eliminate blackheads.

· Eliminate the black spots on the face.

· Diminish acne scars and wounds.

· Overcoming oily skin and dull.

· Smoothing the rough and dry skin.

· Eliminating the lines and wrinkles on the face.

· Tighten the skin becomes elastic solids.

· Tighten and raise breast.

· Shrink the stomach is distended.

· Lose weight.

· Eliminate muscle soreness.

· Tighten and raise Mr. P (male genitals).

· Mebantu wound healing and eliminate scars.

· Tighten and tighten Mrs. V (Vagina)

· Mngencangkan and raise the muscle.

· Whiten Teeth.

· Grow hair is falling out.

· Clean, brighten and smooth the skin.

Thus, the benefits of Melia Biyang very nice for the care of the inside and outside of your body so the process is faster. To obtain optimal results, the use Melia Biyang Spray should be regularly and consistently, then in the next two weeks there will be many significant changes. It is advisable to use a minimum of 6 months of routine to get all of the benefits above.


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